FTP Password

FTP Password 1.0

Universal password recovery tool

"FTP Password is a convenient software program that can be used as a universal password recovery tool for different FTP accounts. The software recovers all FTP logins and passwords that are stored in your computer via FTP software.

It also supports all types of FTP clients. FTP Password temporarily copies your FTP server and intercepts all requests addressed to it. The program can intercept and display the user’s login information by making the FTP client submit his or her login information, including the password, each time he or she logs in to the FTP server.

The program does not allow anyone to hack into somebody’s FTP account, it just extracts any password information stored locally in your computer.

FTP Password is convenient and has a user-friendly interface. It can be used by individuals, groups or anyone who would like to recover lost passwords or any login information for their FTP accounts.